The Line

In a broken and treacherous society, necessity breeds criminals but only insanity spawns heroes.

By KJ Southworth

Daryl Rhys steals a hoverboard. Worst decision she ever makes. But an unhinged, self-destructive psychic doesn’t make great choices on the best of days.

She returns from the dangerous cliff roads to learn the criminal mastermind, Lyons Emmet, is paying big money for her capture. After two years in the merciless Prison, she should be a drooling mess, incapable of riding outside the City walls in the heat and dust. Her miraculous return to thievery and high stakes racing turns heads, so he’s calling in a favour. He demands a line into a heavily guarded and powerful sector, an ambition more capable criminals than Daryl have abandoned. If she fails, she belongs to him.

Her first instinct is to run. She knows the City’s chaotic streets and underworld better than most. She also knows there’s no hiding from Emmet’s brutal enforcers. The only sane choice is to become his slave.

Except there’s something the criminal mastermind hasn’t considered. Crazy is one of Daryl’s most effective survival skills.

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Meet Kj Southworth | The Author

KJ Southworth

KJ Southworth loves adventure, amigurimi and warm drinks on chilly days. After years of odd jobs and self-directed learning, she discovered her passion for history, earning a degree at the University of Alberta. She and her goofy husband adore their mischievous daughter, and share a comfortable home with her in Southern Ontario.

The Line is Southworth’s first science-fiction novel and has been described as ‘a shot of adrenaline’ and ‘an excellent read for anyone ready to be sucked into a world so well built, you’ll think you’re there.’

A tale of violence, vengeance, and redemption. Debut novelist, KJ Southworth builds an immersive world, full of colourful castaways strewn across the desert of the City in makeshift societies like a futuristic Western where Daryl walks a well-trodden path from outlaw to saviour.
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